1C Systems Implementation and Software Support

With our comprehensive approach to 1C services, Cinimex can guarantee that the project will result in a complete and fully-operational business solution.
Company team will perform a full scope of works related to 1C-based projects – from the first look analysis of business requirements and definition of technical specifications to implementation and software support for the automated systems as follows:
  • Implementation of «1С:ERP», «1С: Payroll and HR», «1С: Enterprise Documentation»;
  • Integration of record-keeping systems based on 1С: ERP with enterprise software on other platforms for multinational companies;
  • Ensuring 1C:ERP systems’ compliance with IT security requirements;
  • Automation of corporate reporting (IFRS, GAAP);
  • End-to-end integration of ERP systems for banks and corporations.

Economic impact of ERP solutions based on «1С:Enterprise 8»

21% inventory reduction;
15% reduction in costs of material resources;
15% reduction in production costs;
9% reduction in prime cost of manufactured goods;
32% increase in the volume of output;
27% increase in manufacturing productivity;
22% reduction in equipment downtime;
21% reduction in manufacturing defects;
62% acceleration in order processing time;
23% reduction in order lead time;
13% growth in earnings.

*Figures for 185 implementation projects, acknowledged by customers.

We offer a full range of services to optimize finances, manufacturing and business assets management. We develop and deploy 1C-based high-performance and data-intensive systems, which allow planning with a great level of detail:

Certificates and diplomas

Best practices and expertise

  • Integration of systems based on 1С: ERP with enterprise software on other platforms for multinational companies;
  • Host-to-Host (H2H) – a solution, aimed to cut banking costs through direct integration of the corporate ERP with banking systems.

Typical 1C projects

1С: Accounting 8 (incl. CORP version);
1С: Small Business 8;
1С: Trade 8;
1С: Payroll and HR 8 (incl. CORP version);
1С: ERP Enterprise Management 2;
1С: Automation 8;
1С: Manufacturing Enterprise Management;
1С: Holding Management 8;
1С: Consolidation 8;
1С: Workflow 8.

Niche Services and Products

Cinimex can also develop niche services and products from scratch. For example, a Leave Management system was developed based on 1C: Enterprise 8.3. for our own needs.

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