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Intesa Bank is one of the leaders of lending market for SME projects in Russia. The bank offers a full range of banking products and services for small and medium-sized business, including short- and long-term credits, unsecured credits, target-specific credits to buy transport vehicles and commercial properties (corporate mortgage), lease financing, packing credits, surety bonds, deposits, cash payment services, merchant acquiring, payroll services, e-banking, and etc.

The following tasks were automated as part of the project:
  • Supplier contract management;
  • Transactions with contracting parties;
  • Interbank, interbranch and internal payments;
  • Registration of services, materials, appliances, property and equipment, intangible assets, capital investments;
  • Property accounting;
  • Deferred expenses and fuels recording;
  • Settlements with subordinate persons;
  • Fiscal management;
  • Purchase bookkeeping; sales bookkeeping.
Project output
Legacy data was transferred into the new system.
The system enables simultaneous operating, accounting and fiscal recordkeeping.
The system includes a module for data exchange with the core system of the bank and automatic compliance check of transactions.
The module for fixed / intangible assets and perishable goods management was made significantly bigger. New reports were developed to control user activity and accuracy of depreciation charges. The system envisages special day-end closing procedures to verify record-keeping consistency.
Automation of VAT registration was another important outcome of the project. With “1С: Accounting 8”, the time spent on adding VAT to the cost of fixed assets/capital expenditure/intangible assets reduced by several times. At present, Cinimex provides routine system maintenance.

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11 June 2019 | News

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