Cinimex Is among TOP-40 Leading Players in the IT Industry and TOP-20 Software Developers

According to analysts, results of 2017 demonstrate a significant revival at the market. Its further expansion will be largely due to the growing digitalization of economy.

Andrey Sykulev, CEO at Cinimex, states that Russian enterprises from different industries continue to accumulate IT assets of both hardware and software systems and data, which leads to the need for software development and integration. The demand associated with the need to modernize solutions that have been used for a long time is also stable. “The market of custom business applications development still has a tendency to reduce development cost and time. Therefore, there is a clear interest in every solution that enables to reduce time to operation. As a result, companies are still interested in iterative development methods (agile, scrum) and corresponding architectural patterns (services, microservices, etc.). The market is interested in everything that allows you to create software functionality with business value in the shortest possible time. Hence, we see the revival of HPaPaas platforms that lost their popularity in the early 2000s,” explains Andrey Sykulev.

Ranking results can be found on websites of Kommersant and Expert RA.

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