Сinimex Official Partner of Tax Monitoring Forum


Сinimex and Rosselkhozbank will jointly present at the Forum on November 17th, discussing the operation of a major bank under tax monitoring and sharing their experience in implementing and supporting the VK Tax Compliance platform.

Since last year, Rosselkhozbank has entered into tax monitoring and successfully conducted testing of electronic services as part of the third stream, preparing its systems for integration with the AIS "Nalog-3" (Tax-3 Automated Information System). During the presentation, experts will talk about what to consider when planning work to set up new scenarios, and they will also disclose the specifics of tax monitoring for credit organizations.

Additionally, speakers will highlight the extra tasks that arise for large taxpayers under tax monitoring and will share plans for the development of the project in Rosselkhozbank.

Сinimex has been in the market for over 26 years and possesses unique experience in developing complex software solutions for the banking sector.

The annual Tax Monitoring Forum will take place on November 17th in Moscow and will be dedicated to reviewing further directions of digitalization in tax monitoring. Details about the event can be found at the link.

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