Cinimex's 'Vacation Management' Product Receives 1C Certification


The 'Cinimex: Vacation Management' product has received the 'Compatible! 1C:Enterprise Software System' certificate. The product is designed to automate the planning and accounting of annual vacations in accordance with the Russian Labor Code.

This proprietary development by Cinimex offers extensive functionality, integrates with '1C:HRM' (Human Resources Management), and supports web-interface operation. Using the system, company employees can plan annual and unpaid vacations, submit vacation shift requests for approval, receive email notifications, and print out completed application forms. Line managers can visually track their employees' planned vacations, approve or cancel plans, monitor overlapping vacation periods in their department, and subscribe to email notifications of employee vacations.

The system also includes specific functionality for HR departments. HR personnel can upload planned vacation periods into the schedule, track the approval of shifts, create vacation applications, and generate necessary reports for periods.

'Receiving this certificate confirms that our solution meets the high standards of development and quality of 1C solutions. The vacation management system is a reliable and convenient tool for automating processes for employers. It not only allows tracking the vacation periods of enterprise employees but also enables planning of production processes and events in advance,' comments Andrey Guryev, Director of Enterprise Management System Automation at Cinimex.

The certificate is an official confirmation that the program or equipment has undergone thorough testing in '1C' for correct interoperability and ease of use with '1C:Enterprise'. Such certification is conducted to guide the consumer (end-user) who wants to obtain working enterprise automation solutions without additional complexities. Both partner organizations of '1C' and leaders of related sectors in the information industry actively participate in the certification program. 

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