Сinimex Becomes a Certified Partner of Cleverence


Сinimex has become a certified partner of Cleverence, a software vendor in the AUTO-ID market.

As a partner, Сinimex is engaged in the development, support, and enhancement of various technological solutions. Cleverence's product line includes solutions for inventory management of marked goods in warehouses and stores, accounting of material assets in companies, and tracking of goods delivery.

'Without mobile automation of inventory management, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies of any size to compete under modern conditions. Most tasks can be solved with off-the-shelf products. But if a client's operational activities are tied to individual processes and operations, our certified partners can easily modify the standard operations of products or develop their own, using Cleverence's flexible tools,' comments Nikita Grigoryev, Head of Marketing and Advertising at Cleverence.

'As a partner, Сinimex already has successful experience in implementing specialized Cleverence software at a large industrial enterprise. Initially, we transitioned the client to a new accounting system - '1C:ERP 2.5'. Then, as per the client's requirement, our specialists automated the work on PDT (portable data terminals) with materials and finished products in production and storage using Cleverence software. Now, production workers reflect the completion of operations using PDT. We also updated Cleverence and the data collection terminals, thereby improving the efficiency and control of goods movement in storage and production. We hope that within the framework of cooperation, our solution portfolio will be enriched with more projects to optimize processes for clients,' comments Andrey Guryev, Head of the 1C Department at Cinimex.

Source: IT World

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