Сinimex and Flant Become Partners


Сinimex has entered into a partnership agreement with the Russian developer Flant. The partnership program is aimed at joint promotion of innovative Open Source technologies.

Flant has been operating in the market since 2008, is a member of the Association of Software Product Developers "Domestic Software," and holds licenses from the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC) of Russia. The company specializes in software development and DevOps as a Service and is the number one Russian contributor to Kubernetes and several other Open Source projects, which have become the standard in building cloud and container infrastructures. Flant is particularly known for its Kubernetes platform Deckhouse and the observability tool Okmeter, as well as unique expertise in building reliable IT infrastructures for critical business applications.

The focus for Сinimex is on the Deckhouse Kubernetes platform, which automates the management of Kubernetes clusters in public and private clouds, hybrid environments, and on-premises. With Deckhouse, companies can minimize the costs of developing and maintaining infrastructure and reduce Time-to-Market. The solution is registered in the unified registry of Russian software and certified by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, which oversees the development of Kubernetes.

"Сinimex has many years of experience in software development in the financial sector and pays special attention to the security of banking systems. In developing Deckhouse, our partners adhered to the recommendations of relevant regulators and met the high standards required for software quality. Our team is pleased to expand our solution portfolio with a reliable microservice platform and has all the necessary competencies for this. Given the high demand for import substitution from customers, our partnership with Flant in the field of Open Source technologies will offer the most relevant market solutions," says Vyacheslav Fokin, Director of Key Customer Relations at Сinimex.

"Flant is a technological leader in the field of DevOps and IT infrastructure management. We also make a significant contribution to the development of containerization technologies, automation of software development, and operation. The Deckhouse Kubernetes platform allows companies to bring new products safely and quickly to market, making the development process efficient. Our partnership program allows us to combine efforts and offer customers innovative solutions for digitalizing business. We hope for fruitful and long-term technological cooperation, as well as many successful projects in implementing our software products by Сinimex," comments Alexander Batalov, CEO of Flant.

Source: ComNews

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