Cinimex and Servpoint Become Technological Partners


Cinimex and decision systems developer Servpoint have agreed on technological collaboration in the banking and insurance sectors.

The collaboration between Cinimex and its partner involves the implementation of joint projects for the deployment of Servpoint’s own development – the decision-making system Supremum. For financial sector companies, this system helps manage credit risks effectively, reduce the workload on branch staff and underwriters, cut decision-making time for new clients, and decrease customer base churn. In insurance companies, the solution automates the processes of calculating insurance premiums and agency commissions, underwriting, and allows for efficient product customization for each client.

Business users in Supremum can independently manage the entire decision-making logic, make instant changes, and remain independent from both the vendor and internal IT services.

Supremum is built on modern technologies using Open Source frameworks and is included in the unified registry of Russian software for electronic computing machines and databases.

'Cinimex has impressive experience in automating credit risk management processes and integrating systems for dealing with debt. We have implemented numerous projects for banks and insurance companies that have helped optimize critical business processes and proven their effectiveness. The demand for solutions of this class in the financial and insurance sectors continues to grow. In this direction, together with our partner Servpoint, we plan to develop towards in-demand Russian products with Open Source technology support, as well as expand our presence in the EAEU market,' comments Maxim Matrenichev, Deputy Director for Key Client Relations at Cinimex.

'Collaboration with Cinimex, an IT integrator with many years of expertise in the banking and insurance sectors, will allow us to effectively implement our own DMS (Supremum), expand our market capabilities and increase the volume of work. We are confident that the exchange of experience with the technological partner and the synergy of competencies will benefit our clients,' comments Igor Prokopenko, Commercial Director of Servpoint.

Servpoint specialists have been developing and maintaining products in the field of process automation for the financial industry for over ten years. Since 2019, the company has been developing its own decision-making and debt collection systems for clients in Russia and the CIS.

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