Cinimex and CraftTalk Become Partners


Cinimex has partnered with CraftTalk, the creator of a Russian AI platform for text communication channels. The partners intend to develop collaboration in the implementation of omnichannel platforms, chatbots, knowledge bases, and analytics systems.

CraftTalk's product portfolio includes an AI platform for knowledge and text communication management to support marketing and sales using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The solution is in demand in the markets of the Russian Federation and CIS countries in such industries as banking, insurance, retail, financial services, logistics, and medicine.

As part of the partnership, Cinimex focuses on implementing chatbots for customers who wish to reduce user support costs and automate request processing without operator involvement. In turn, CraftTalk will share its experience and nuances in implementing products into the infrastructure of customers from various fields, including the financial sector.

'For several years now, chatbots have been an integral part of business-to-client communication. Meanwhile, we observe a growing interest in the market towards intelligent bots that can provide information to clients on a wide range of issues and consult in complex subject areas. The CraftTalk chatbot is developed using neural network technologies, and our specialists are ready to perform all necessary work for the integration of the assistant both with the internal systems of the client and with external resources,' comments Maxim Zharov, Client Relations Manager at Cinimex.

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